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Samantha Giles is an excellent editor and writer. She's worked with me in a developmental capacity on several projects (grants, proposals). I especially appreciate her quick intelligence and collaborative approach. She's helped me frame my ideas with greater clarity and vision, and i highly recommend her.                       

--Stephanie Y

Samantha did a great job for me. She intuitively understood exactly what I was trying to accomplish with my manuscript and how I was going about it. My work has been significantly improved with Samantha's input. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for an editor, and would'[t hesitate to hire her again.

--David G

I have been working on my book for almost five years. Finally I have it at a place ready for editing. Samantha is currently working on my drafts. She is nice person who actually wants to help. She is not in the project just because its a job. I feel like she actually is interested in my work. I did not just want to hire a mechanical editor who plops out my work without caring. Samantha is someone that I feel cares and wants to actually help. She is a good pick.

-Brandon W.

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