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My rates are based on the standards set by the Editorial Freelancers Association. although I'm always willing to work within your budget. If you're interested in discussing your options, fill out the CONTACT form with a brief description of your project and I'll be in touch soon!

A guideline of services and estimated rates: 



If your manuscript has already gone through an in-depth developmental edit and a subsequent copyedit, then proofreading is the service you need! I'll be your extra set of eyes to dot your "i"s. 



I'll offer line edits to your already developed manuscript to help clean up your syntax and keep your voice consistent. 



This is the best choice for your manuscript in progress. I will provide close examination of structure, voice, character, narrative arc, and flow. In addition to a line-edited manuscript, we will meet several times in person or virtually to discuss your authorial intent and overall suggestions for development.


$Flat fee after consult

If you're finished with a project and simply want some informal feedback on structure, theme, or next steps this is available. 

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